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The first day of April is its own fun. Everyone is in the mood of laughter and prank. We are talking about April Fool’s Day. Today we have introduced some ideas that help you make your closest people April Fools.


Balloon April Fool Prank-

Wake up early in the morning, blow a few balloons, go to the rooms of your family members, blast the balloon right in front of their faces. This will kick start your April Fool day with a BANG (Pun Intended).

Toilet Seat Prank for that April Fool-

For this April Fool day prank you need a transparent plastic sheet and a duct tape, now wrap this sheet on the toilet seat like a cover, now when your roomie will pee…SPLASH. You got the image, YUCK.

P.S- Be ready to bear the consequences, you might have to remove the sheet as a punishment. Now you will be the April Fool.

Blood Bath on this April Fool-

Okay, so this is the worst April fool prank in our list, you need some red color and then need to mix it in the water tank that connects to the shower. And there you go bro, as someone opens the shower it will turn into some cliche horror film scene. So, go ahead and ooh aah paint it red,

Wet Prank for April Fool-

For this April Fool day prank, you need some balloons filled with water, now place them in the shoes of your family members or friends, keep the balloons hidden. The moment someone will put the foot on the balloons will burst, there you go with the wet prank.

Remember to celebrate April Fool with your loved ones, keep some goodies with you as compensation. If not, then be ready with a good pair of sports shoes. Yeah…right, to run as fast as you can.

Happy April Fool day.

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