April Fools Ideas: 10 ways to make April Fools

April Fools Ideas: 10 ways to make April Fools

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April Fools Ideas: 10 ways to make April Fools

People of the whole world celebrate the day of April Fools, which has no valid reason. April Fools is also known as fool day. All over the world, people are allowed to make April Fools this day. These pranks and jokes should not be harmful to anyone. People who are victims of this kind of fun are called April Fools. April Fools is an annual festival which is celebrated on 1st April. Do not prank with an unknown person on the day of April Fools. Today I will give you some ideas so that you can prank your family, friends, and relatives on April Fools.

1. On April Fools, feed the onion candy to your friend, after eating it, they will know that it is not candy, these are onions. Your friend will become April Fools from this prank.

2. On April Fools day to your family member or friend fill a white toothpaste in a cream biscuit and feed them to a member of your family or to your friend. This prank will make their April fool and you will enjoy.

3. Behind your friend’s dress, stick the April Fools written sticker. This will make your friend April Fools.

4. On April Fools, call your friend suddenly and say that they came out of the house because they have come to meet him. You will not be there when your friend leaves home. In this manner, you can make your friend April Fools.

5. You will find many such apps that you can change your voice, and call friends in every language to make April Fools.

6. Put salt in the sugar bottle in your house. When your mom drinks salt tea instead of sugar, her mouth will be salty on a sip, then you can scream and say that April fools.

7. Apply salt in any of your family members toothbrush. When they will brush their mouth in the morning, their mouth becomes completely salty, then you can say April Fools.

8. When the husband is sleeping on the morning of April Fools day, the wife can apply lipstick and moustache with a sketch pen in her husband’s face.

9. Wrap an empty box well, and give it as a gift to your friend. Your friend will be happy to see the box, and when they will see that box empty, then you can shout and say April fools and then they will become a fool.

10. If any member of the family is watching TV, to make it an April Fools, secretly paste the tape in front of the remote control, the channel will not change and this prank will make it an April Fools.


Prank with known people, not with an unknown person on April Fools day

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