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Formal shirts are a big part of our daily styling, whether you are a student or a professional this one apparel completes your look.

This blog will tell you about a few basic but essentials of styling related to formal shirts.

  • Shirts of light blue, white, and light pink are considered to be formal shirts. Colors other than these are also a big part of today’s modern formals.
  • To look good in a shirt whether it’s a formal or non-formal one always mind the color of your trousers. Your shirt should always be of a lighter shade than your pants. The color contrast will enhance your look.
  • One of the best things one can do with a long-sleeve shirt is to play with its sleeves, So there are a few kinds of sleeve folds that you can try on.


  1. The basic fold, in this you can fold the sleeves to 2-3 folds, especially if your shirt is lighter in the inside, the contrast on your arm will give a different persona to your shirt.
  2. Another versatile fold will be to first pull the sleeves up by holding the cuff and moving it upwards, now the flat portion on your shirt has to be given one fold, this will keep the cuff intact upwards.
  3. Folds will not only give you a different personality but will also provide you the flexibility to work and move around.


The collar of a shirt is what makes it stand out from our regular t-shirts, but the only problem we have is that after a few washes it loses its hard structure and it just lies there on your shoulder.

  1. To keep the collars look sharp and intact you can use a double sided tape in between the inside part of your collar that way it will remain intact.
  2. You can also use clips by moving them inside the collar part, but for this, you might have to put a hole in your collar.

So, follow these easy but effective tips to look sharp, and stand above the guys in formals in your organization.


One major problem with shirts is to keep them tucked in, especially if you are someone who moves around a lot. So here is a tip.

  1. Put it inside your undies, you read it right. Instead of just inserting the shirt in your pants you can try inserting it inside the underwear and then wear your pant, that way the shirt will get more grip to remain intact to make you look fresh and sharp all day long.

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