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This week’s big release Captain Marvel is here for a purpose, well for the start it has released on the International Women’s Day, and it surely cannot be a coincidence that it is the first ever female protagonist oriented movie by the Marvel Studios. So, the story starts way back before the last Avengers movie, you get to see a younger Nick Fury without the eye patch, a very different world altogether.

Coming to the plot of this film, it stars Oscar winner Brie Larson, her character Vers is a soldier in a “race of noble warrior heroes” known as Kree, she is kidnaped by the shape-shifting Skrulls, and they erase her memories, turning her world upside –down. She wakes up remembering a past in Planet C-53 where men have always directed her actions. She shouldn’t pedal a bike so fast. She shouldn’t play baseball. And just like our real world she has to deal with the regular male dominance. In a good scene she’s been given the reason to not to become a pilot, because, “Why do you think it’s called a cockpit?”

The film is a big shout-out to female empowerment, interestingly the original Captain Marvel was created a male character which of course got changed in the future. The movie gives the idea that it is she who will be leading the remaining Avengers now that would be interesting to watch how that would turn out to be in the coming Avengers movie. Larson gives a very smooth and flamboyant performance in the movie; the movie is a fresh breeze in the Marvel Universe franchise and shows potential to give DC’s Wonder Woman a run for its money.  

Brie Larson is the best part of this film, along with a two eyed Nick Fury and some lesser known villains (since, it’s the Male Superhero comics that are promoted more). Watch it for its funny dialogues, a break from the usual Avengers heroes, and Women power.

Our personal favorite dialoge from the movie is when Capt. is returning from outer space,  she loses her cosmic luminescence, and gives a little smirk suggesting, “Aren’t I Marvelous?”

And, Yes, do wait for the POST-CREDIT Scene – And visit us for its explanation in our next blog.

Trendyreviews  give this movie, a marvelous score of 3.5 out of five stars.

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