Portable Fan Air Conditioner
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  • Description
    The Air Cooler Fan is a versatile 3-in-1 device that combines a fan, air conditioner, and air humidifier into one compact and portable unit. Measuring 21cm x 9cm x 26cm and weighing 685g, this eco-friendly gadget features a Type-C USB plug for easy charging, a 600ml water tank for long-lasting mist (up to 12 hours), and delivers a cool breeze up to 2.5 meters away with a maximum power of 10W. It's designed to create a comfortable environment with its 3 wind speed settings, 3 spray modes, and an LED night light that offers 7 soothing colors, ensuring both cooling and humidification for any setting. Ideal for home use, office spaces, or outdoor activities, its quiet operation, energy-saving design, and the ability to create a romantic, cool atmosphere make it an indispensable companion for beating the heat while being gentle on your wallet and the environment.
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    Vendor: TrendyTidings
    Title: White, Black, Navy Blue
    SKU: TR-5965
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