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Deepak Kalal Video: He was beaten in Delhi

Deepak Kalal Video: He beaten in Delhi

Deepak Kalal, popular for his videos on the internet, is once again in the news. Deepak had been in the spotlight for the rumors of Rakhi Sawant marrying the past days. Now a video of Deepak is becoming viral, in which they are scared. Some others beat them up and Deepak Kalal is saying that they will never post objectionable content on the Internet. These videos are being told Delhi. However, Deepak is saying that he is in Gurgaon.

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This video is being posted on social media. However, there is no official confirmation of when this video is and where it is. This video is becoming increasingly viral. Deepak is frightened in this. The abuse in the video is also being heard.

Deepak is saying in the video – I am telling you, people that I have spoken on social media as well, please forgive me for that. I will never do such a thing. This sir, they have explained to me. I will follow it. I promise that I will never do any such thing in my life that hurts anyone’s heart. They say that videos made by Deepak are objectionable. These videos have been shot on the road.

Let’s say that Deepak had created a hyper drama to marry Rakhi Sawant in the past days. After this, both of them refused to marry in a press conference. Both of the antics have been widely condemned.

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