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Any party is incomplete without music, so how can our very own colorful Holi going to stay away from all the grooving noise.

So, here we are with a list of songs that you should play in your Holi party –

HOLI KHERE RAGHUVEERAThis is the one iconic song, without which any Holi playlist is incomplete, we know everyone will play the same song, but there is no better kick-start than this. So, begin your party with this old gem.

Balam PichkaariThis is yet another gem which you should not neglect when it comes to Holi. The song featured Ranbeer Kapoor alongside Deepika, and since then it is popular in parties, especially where some color is involved.

TAKI-TAKIThis foot-tapping EDM song is a rage among youngsters. So, you need to put it on the playlist. Play this song on the EDM thud will make all your friends present go crazy and the beat of your party will go a pitch higher.

PAINT IT REDThis track from ZNMD is another from the new lot of songs, featuring Tomatina festival in its video, people know the vibe of this song goes really well with Holi. So, it is a must on the playlist.

RANG BARSE Another song from the older lot, but quiet, fresh in the memory, just like the first song on our list this one too has a great recall value for Holi lovers, play this and see the uncles and aunties enjoying your Holi bash.

DO ME A FAVOUR– This Anu Malik song is not only funny and strange but besides this has a great recall value. Everyone knows it is the Holi song. Play this and get the colors on.

Holi is the festival of colors, this Holi tries wasting less water. Be safe, be respectful to those who do not want to play. And play some great music on Holi, have delicacies. Have fun.

A very Happy Holi from Trendy tidying.

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