How to be a topper

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How To Be a Topper

Are you the one who worries a lot about his/her marks in the exam, are you too conscious and fearful to go out and take risks in life, do you feel inferior to others????

If the answer is YES, then do not worry it is with each one of us. There comes a time in everybody’s life when we do not feel at the top of our game, we feel that others are better than us.

Do not worry; here are the top three solutions to make you not only feel better but also to achieve something good for yourself.

  • Plan with patience, but act violently

Now by this, we mean that no matter how big or small your goal is you should always plan strategically, smartly, and efficiently, do not be in a hurry to act. First, be sure about your goal/goals then plan for it, map the path to achieve it. And when you are ready with the map do not waste any time to execute it.

  • Make a time-table-

Yes, we know that it is an age-old suggestion but it is still relevant for a reason, making a time table makes your brain feel more serious about the thing you want to achieve, secondly, it will distract your mind from depression or anxiety because now you know when to do what, third, if you are able to stick with the table for at least a week you will feel strong and confident about yourself and your goal since you are not just dreaming but actually making efforts to turn it into a reality.

Keep it a secret –

Well, this might sound idiotic but actually, it is not. Remember one thing the more you talk about your future and aim with people the chances of being demotivated gets higher, yes you should tell it to someone really close, someone who would listen to you, or you can just write or record it on your phone or diary, so that when you achieve it you can come back to the record and smile and feel really happy about your achievement. People will question your goals, they might even suggest something else which according to them is right but find your own path, go ahead and do it.

Do not wait for valediction and LET YOUR WORK and ITS END RESULT SPEAK FOR ITSELF

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