Injury care at home: Do your own treatment at home

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Injury care at home: Do your own treatment at home

Hello, friends Today I am telling you all through my blog that if you get an injury, you can do your treatment by sitting at home yourself.

Turmeric and Mustard Oil

After injuries, heat turmeric and mustard oil in a bowl and apply it in the injured area, it will cure injury very soon.


If you are hurt, then sprinkle vermilion in the affected area. The bleeding will stop from the injury area.


Apply turmeric directly to the wounded place. It helps prevent blood, reduce pain and prevent infection.


Apply honey to the scratched area, and it will make your skin perfectly fine.

Turmeric Milk

If you get Internal injury, then mixing half a teaspoon of turmeric with milk and drinking it. It will cause an injury to a cure soon.

Coconut Oil

If your wound is drying, then use coconut oil repeatedly.

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