Makeup Tips: How to do make-up by yourself at home

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Makeup Tips: How to do make-up by yourself at home

Hello friends, how are you all, today I will tell you how to do step by step makeup. By reading my blogs you will also become an expert in applying make-up.

Face Wash

Wash face before doing makeup.


Clean the face thoroughly before applying makeup, then tone it and add a good moisturizer. After this, do not forget to put sunscreen on your hands and legs as well.


For the very first apply a single drop of Primer. It will cover your pores.


Use a light foundation or BB-CC cream in your face. Apply a little amount of foundation with the help of beauty blender and wait a bit so that your skin can absorb it.


If your face has dark circles, pimples or scars, then the concealer is very important for you. Use Concealer only on pimples and dark circles.

Compact Powder

To set makeup, put the compact powder on the entire face and then use a light blush.

Eyeliner Mascara Lipstick

After applying eyeliner and mascara on your eyes. you can also apply your favorite shade of lipstick or match a shade with your outfit it gives you perfect look of makeup. If you don’t like lipstick, you should choose lipgloss or lip balm.

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