Men in Black International review: Chris Hemsworth you failed here, Because.

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Men in Black International movie review

The fourth part of the Hollywood superhit series Men in Black is released today. This time Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have been signed in the film. This film is directed by F. Gary Gray. This is the first film of this series that Gary Gray has directed. Earlier, director Barry Sonnenfeld was directing the films of this series.

This is the fourth part of the film. In 1997, the first part of the film came in and the story and concept of the audience were well liked. So far, four parts have come and the story is a concept for all of them. In the film, agency MIB agents appear to fight against strange aliens and protect the world.

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Men in Black International story

The story of this movie is similar, but it has got an entry of new agents. After the agent and agent of the first part, the film enters the agent M (Tessa Thompson) and agent H (Chris Hemsworth). Agent H Yanni Chris has been given a very important role in the film.

Although he has saved the world from being destroyed at one time after that he has become a little reckless about his work. At the same time, Agent M, who has been the victim of an aliens attack, in which his parents’ custody was wiped out in the aliens attack, is very serious about his work. In the childhood that happened in the terrorist attack, agent M was not lost and he is always looking for Agency MIB and he dreams of becoming an agent.

They reach MIB and they meet Agent H. He goes on a mission with agent H, in which he has to compete with two powerful aliens. They win this fight but the biggest challenge in this mission is their organization MIB is formed because one of the people in this organization is a traitor, due to which the difficulty of agents increases.

Men in Black International Directing

Director F. Gary Gray has directed this first part of the film. If you are the fan of this super hit series, then surely you will see some flaws in it. If two directors direct the same series, then changes in the flavors of both films are inevitable. Something similar happened with this movie. Compared to the earlier three parts, this part looks very faded and boring. It seems that the director has hired it only to complete the film in a hurry. From the beginning to the end, you do not notice any special moment.

Men in Black International Cinematography and effects

Men in Black Series films also attract viewers because it has the use of visual effects. In the film, you see many rich-looking aliens. The action and fight scenes of the film also become even more fun in this regard. But the cinematography and visual effects both look quite faded in this movie.

Why we should watch Men in Black International

If you are a fan of the main in black series then this movie can definitely be seen once. Also, the Hindi dub is good in the film, it is said by the sound rioting sensation Sanyala Malhotra and the alley fame MC Lion i.e. Siddharth Chaturvedi. Many comedy punches will be heard in the Hindi dubbing of the movie and will be forced to laugh and blush. Altogether, it is a light-hearted film. But do not go to the theater with more expectations of Men in Black Fans.

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