National science day 2020

National Science Day 2020: Big puzzle of science was solved on this day

Today is National Science Day… a day when the great scientist of India CV Raman discovered the Raman effect by solving a big puzzle of science.

Today, 28 February is celebrated as National Science Day. On this day, the great scientist of the country CV Raman made an invaluable discovery in the world of science. Though CV Raman made many notable contributions in the field of science, there was a discovery that solved a big science puzzle. This discovery was the Raman effect, which was discovered by this great scientist on 28 February 1928.

Do you know that CV Raman had told the first time why the color of the sky and water is blue? ( National Science Day) Actually, Raman was once going to Britain by ship in 1921. From the deck of the ship, they saw the beautiful blue color of the water. From that time onwards, he began to doubt Rellig’s interpretation of the blue color of seawater. When he started coming back to India in September 1921, he brought some equipment with him.

He studied the sky and the sea with their help. He came to the conclusion that the sea also divides the sunlight, the color of the seawater which appears blue. When he returned to his lab, Raman and his students researched the nature of light scattering or splitting into multiple colors of light. He continued research on the division of light into solid, liquid and gas. The result he then reached was called the ‘Raman Effect’. (National Science Day)

What is the Raman Effect

The Raman effect states that when light passes through a transparent material, the wavelength of light changes during that time. That is, when a wave of light comes out of a liquid, some part of this light wave propagates in a direction that is different from the direction of the incoming light wave. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 for his work in the field of light. His work in the field of light is still being used in many fields. Raman spectroscopy is used in chemical labs around the world, with the help of which the substance is identified. In the pharmaceutical field, it is used for research on cells and tissues and for the detection of cancer. Raman spectroscopy also contributed to the detection of water on the moon during the mission Chandrayaan. That is why we give tribute to our great scientist as a National Science Day


National science day theme of this year

National science day 2020 theme is “Women in Science.”

National science day 2019 theme was “Science for the People and the People for Science”

National science day 2018 theme was “Science and Technology for a sustainable future.”

National science day 2017 theme was “Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons”


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