Nora Fatehi and Angad Bedi Breakup: Know what Nora said about this breakup

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Nora Fatehi and Angad Bedi Breakup: Know what Nora said about this breakup

Nora Fatehi has become very popular in Bollywood. Actress Nora Fatehi shared the bad times of her life. Nora Fatehi said that there was a time when Noora Fatehi forgot her goal like that. Nora Fatehi took a long time to recover from these.

Nora Fatehi and actor Angad Bedi had a breakup with a lot of bitterness. Although her love life often lives in discussions between fans only. Nora Fatehi has been in the limelight to date Angad Bedi. Although Nora Fatehi or Angad Bedi did not talk publicly about their relationship.

There was news about Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi that before marrying Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi was dating Nora Fatehi. Although Angad Bedi cheated Nora Fatehi, Nora Fatehi had broken up with Angad Bedi. Angad Bedi and Nora Fatehi have never spoken openly about this but for the first time, Nora Fatehi broke the silence. Nora Fatehi has recently openly talked about a zoom with its relation and has made many astonishing revelations.

Talking about this, “Nora Fatehi said that all the girls sometimes go through that period once, for me it was a bit difficult because I was not expecting it at all and I became very upset.”

Nora Fatehi further said, “I was under stress for almost two months but I can say that the experience changed me to a great extent. It was such a time when I was disappointed with my career but when got a breakup, I had the courage again, and once again I became passionate about my career. I wanted to work and I wanted to prove everyone wrong. This is the reason that I do not ever regret about that break up because if it is not a breakup, then my passion does not return, which I had been searching for quite a while. ”

Let us tell you that Nora has given many super hit songs to Bollywood in the last few times and her career graph has got a tremendous surge.

In the remake of Noora Fatehi ‘Dilbar‘ in the past, her belly was shocked all the way through the dance. Noora Fatehi’s item number ‘Dilbar‘ has become so hit that many celebrities have been seen dancing on it. Recently Noora Fatehi taught songs steps to Shraddha Kapoor.

Now Noora Fatehi will be seen in Salman Khan Starrer ‘Bharat‘ too. Nora Fatehi was also seen in ‘Bigg Boss 9‘. Talking about Angad Bedi, Angad and Neha Dhupia have married and both have a daughter too. They named the girl Mehar.

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