Onam 2019: How do people celebrate this festival?

Onam 2019: How do people celebrate this festival?

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Onam Festival 2019 Date, Onam Dishes, Onam Programs, Onam Festival Kerala 2019 Date

The Indian tradition is quite unique and wonderful. India is not only called a land of festivals. Today, we will tell you about a festival happening in the state of Kerala in South India, which has a different fanfare in Kerala. This festival is celebrated with great magnificent. This festival is called Onam.

Onam Festival 2019 Date

This Onam festival is quite important and special for the people of Kerala. Although this Onam festival is celebrated in every corner of the country, but it has its own special importance in Kerala. This Onam festival has started from September 1 and will continue till September 13. Onam is also special that this festival is not in the temple. It is celebrated in the house itself. According to tradition, this Onam festival has the ritual of worshiping at home. This month, the weather is pleasant everywhere in the country. But there is a lot of greenery in Kerala at this time.

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Onam Dishes

The tradition of making delicious dishes at home in the days of Onam has also been going on for centuries. Food is served in banana leaf. Pachadi, Sambar are made. Bananas and papad chips are also made. It is of special importance to make milk pudding. There is also a tradition of making eighteen types of milk dishes at some places.

Why is Onam celebrated?

There is a mythological belief behind celebrating Onam. It is said that there was an Asura king named Mahabali in Kerala. Onam festival is celebrated in his honor only. The festival of Onam is also celebrated for good harvest and yield. Onam festival is closely related to farming and farmers. Farmers worshiped Shravan Devta and Pushpadevi for the safety and good yield of their crops. On this Onam festival day, the entire house is cleaned with a rangoli of flowers and the main door is decorated.

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Onam Programs

The popularity of Onam festival is so high that the government of Kerala celebrates this festival as a tourist festival. These days, the cultural heritage of Kerala is seen on sight. Now-a-days, programs such as boat race competition, dance, music, etc. take place in Kerala. Onam is one of the most colorful festivals in India.

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