Pimples: What to eat and what not to eat to get rid of Pimple?

Pimples: What to eat and what not to eat to get rid of Pimple?

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Due to having pimples on your face, you get conscious about your looks. There are many home remedies and products available in the market to remove pimples, but what we are eating, what things are going inside our body also makes a difference in our skin. 

There are some food products that increase the level of blood sugar in our body and when it increases, an excessive amount of insulin is produced in the body. Due to high levels of insulin, the oil glands present in the body produce more oil, causing pimples. Therefore, it is important to take a diet that does not contain pimples. Today we will tell you through our blog what to eat and what not to eat to get rid of pimples.

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What to eat to get rid of pimples:-


Fish is best for dealing with the problem of pimples, especially fatty fish. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that are helpful in the treatment of acne and acne.

Cucumbers and Watermelon

Sometimes pimples occur due to dryness in the skin. But cucumbers and watermelons contain plenty of water, which keeps the skin hydrated and moist. Pimples will disappear by eating cucumbers and watermelons.


Some people think that the effect of the egg is hot, so its intake promotes pimples. But it is not so. Proteins, vitamins, and minerals present in the eggs relieve the problem of acne.


Cashew is rich in zinc. Zinc reduces inflammation of the body and increases immunity, so eating it provides relief in pimples.


Flaxseeds also help to remove pimple problems.

Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants, which are very beneficial for your skin. By drinking green tea daily, the pimples will disappear, obesity will be reduced.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain a sufficient amount of vitamin E and zinc and both these elements are necessary for healthy skin. These not only keep the pimples away but also do not allow any spots on the skin.


Beetroot also helps to remove pimples. It contains sodium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E in addition to vitamin A, which is very important for skin health. It removes all kinds of dirt from the skin.

What not to eat to get rid of pimples:-


Chocolate is high in dairy products, refined sugar, and caffeine, which are among the factors causing pimples. There is no harm in eating a little chocolate but it is not good to make it a habit.


You might be surprised to know this, but nutritious foods like spinach can also harm. It contains a high amount of iodine. So if you are troubled by the Pimple problem, then you should not consume spinach.

Spicy Foods

Eating spicy and spicy peppers increases body temperature, which causes skin irritation and pimple.


When you consume alcohol, there is dehydration in the body, due to which the moisture of the skin is increased and you can become a victim of pimples.

Dairy Products

Cheese, ice cream, the cream sauce can cause pimple. Dairy products contain many nutrients and proteins that can increase the amount of insulin in the body. Excess intake of this creates sebum in the body, which makes the skin oily and causes pimples. Therefore, you should consume these foods in limited quantities.


Excessive consumption of meat, chicken, etc. can also cause pimples. Meat also increases the pH of the body more than its normal level and it causes irritation. Animals also have many health problems that affect our bodies.

Tea and Coffee

Drinking caffeine products, such as tea and coffee, causes the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands that are not good for the skin. At the same time, caffeine products also adversely affect our sleep, due to which the tissues are not repaired and pimples come out on the face.

Pimples: What to eat and what not to eat to get rid of Pimple?
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