Hand Gesture Car Light
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    Express your emotions while driving! Tailored for drivers who encounter road rage or wish to express their emotions safely, this gadget is a game-changer in promoting positive vibes on the road. With an additional Love & Peace gesture, it goes beyond just communication - it's about spreading kindness and fostering friendly interactions among drivers. Installation is a breeze thanks to the 3M Velcro included, allowing you to effortlessly attach it to your rear window. Rest assured, it's 100% legal in the US, featuring non-flashing, amber yellow lights that comply with most traffic laws. Get creative and have fun with three optional gesture modes, making every drive an enjoyable experience. Durable and practical, the battery lasts 3-4 months and is easily replaceable, ensuring your gadget is always ready for the road. Perfect for adding a touch of coolness to your vehicle, it's not just a gadget - it's a statement.
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    Vendor: TrendyTidings
    Title: Black
    SKU: TR-5710
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