Remove Lice: 10 home remedies for lice

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Remove Lice: 10 home remedies for lice

Lice in hair are a big problem for people of all the ages. Here I am going to tell you some easy tips to remove lice, quickly and easily.

1. Camphor Powder and Coconut Oil

To remove lice you can apply camphor and coconut oil

2. Laxman Rekha chalk

Laxman Rekha chalk, not just kills cockroaches but can also remove lice from hair. To remove the lice, apply it on your head, it will be a bit itchy. Wash your head in the morning to be free of lice.

3. Lemon and Ginger juice

Mix two teaspoon lemon juice and two teaspoon ginger juice and rub it on the head to remove lice, the mix will kill the lice.

4. Almond Oil and Baby Oil

To remove lice you can apply either the almond oil or any baby oil and then comb your hair, this will bring out the lice.

5. Dettol

After applying Dettol for an hour, you wash the hair. It would be better to have a thick Dettol that you may also get some water in it, or else it may cause irritation in the skin. The antiseptic elements will remove lice efficiently.

6. Baking Soda and Olive Oil

Mix baking soda and olive oil and apply thoroughly in the hair. Both of these things are very effective to remove lice. Wash it in the morning after it is overnight.

7. Garlic

The smell of garlic is very strong, to remove lice you can apply some garlic paste on hair and wash it after two hours.

8. Kerosene

Remove lice using kerosene oil in your head and massage the hair properly and then cover your head with the cloth and then wash your hair well after 1 hour.

9. Shampoo and White Cotton Cloth

Put shampoo in a white cotton cloth and massage it on the scalp, this cloth will stick lice on it, this will not only remove lice from your hair but will also make your head fresh.

10. Atemoya

Grind the seeds of atemoya and apply it in your hair, to remove lice from your hair.


Before doing all this, take advice from your hair specialist

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