Skincare: How to take care of skin in winter with home remedies?

Skincare: How to take care of skin in winter with home remedies?

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The cold has started. In this season, due to the running of dry winds, our skin starts dry and bursting. Therefore, our skin also needs some special care along with health in the cold weather. In winter, people do many measures to avoid cold but do not pay attention to their skin. Due to which the softness of the skin completely disappears. But we are telling you some such home remedies through our blog, which will help to make your skin soft and beautiful in winter.

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Home remedies for skincare in winter

Egg and Honey

Egg and honey face mask also helps in making the skin soft and healthy. For this, add a small amount of honey in an egg and then apply it on the face, hands and neck and wash it with lukewarm water after an hour or two.

Curd and Sugar

To make the skin soft in winter, mix curd and sugar and apply it well on the face and let it dry for a while. After that massage it with light hands and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Coconut Oil

Massaging with coconut oil daily in winter can also bring tenderness and glow to the skin.

Rose Water, Lemon Juice and Glycerin

By adding rose water and lemon juice to glycerin, applying it daily makes the skin soft and it also glows.


The cold weather makes the skin dry and at the same time causes internal damage to your skin. Drink plenty of water to maintain moisture in the skin and keep it healthy. It also removes impurities in the body.

Almond Oil

Using almond oil is very beneficial to keep the skin soft in winter. If you want for better profit then apply oil at night and sleep. On waking up in the morning you will find that your skin moisture is still intact.

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