Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2020: Time, Effects, facts, Remedy

Solar Eclipse 2020: Time, Effects, facts, Remedy

Solar Eclipse 2020: The Kankanakriti Khandagras solar eclipse, which falls on the Ashaan Amavasya on June 21, is taking place after 900 years. This eclipse is happening on Sunday, so it is being called the eclipse. Earlier on June 5, a lunar eclipse has taken place. The situation of two eclipses taking place in the same month is not correct. At the same time, according to astrologers, two eclipses in a single month bring epidemics along with natural disasters. According to astrologers, due to this eclipse on Amavasya, Shraddha of Amavasya will happen after the eclipse.

Take a bath before the eclipse. After that, chant the Lord during the eclipse. It is said that God gets strength from this. After this, after bathing again, donations of Amavasya should be done in the temple.

According to Anil Mishra of Maa Tara Astrology Institute, Mars is going to be in Gemini, at the time of this eclipse, Mars will be located in Pisces and will see Sun, Mercury, Moon, and Rahu, which are inauspicious signs. Anil said that if Rahu and Ketu always move in reverse, then in this sense a total of six planets will remain retrograde. This situation will create uproar all over the world.


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The eclipse will be 6 hours long

On June 21, the eclipse will begin at 9:15 am and at 12:10 pm the eclipse will be seen. During this time there will be a slight dark shadow. After this, the eclipse will end at 03:04. That is, there will be a long eclipse of about 6 hours. Due to the long eclipse, it is being discussed all over the world.

Eclipse Sutak period on June 20

The Sutak period of the eclipse that falls on June 21, will take the Sutak period on June 20 at 09:15 am. This Sutak period will last till 9 am on 22 June. Major temples and religious places will remain closed during the Sutak period.

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