SPRING EQUINOX 2019: Changes you can bring to your life

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Open now in a heightened way in order for you to enter the quantum fields of immense possibility, to reconnect with your soul, the highest potential of your being, highest trajectory possible for your life. Because that is the power of this Spring Equinox, with each equinox you get the new frequency of life, new energy that the ancients were aware of.

By keeping a few things in mind you become receptive to the power of this transformational frequency.

During the spring equinox, you call for the magic from within you and create around you cultivated magic, creativity.

All equinoxes are powerful points of change, moves via the wheel of the year, and chances to create balance and harmony in your life.

Particularly, the March Equinox or the Spring Equinox brings extra energy and balance, a new beginning in your life.

Changes you can bring this Spring Equinox


During spring equinox you might often feel your old feelings, especially the strong ones resurfacing. For example, you might feel jealous of someone else’s wealth, looks and feel insecure like you did in your teens. 

Here is what you should do in spring equinox if this happens to you, you should take a step back breath deep and take responsibility for your emotions, think in the present, about your own positivities. This will translate into your reality, because around this time the vibration of our being is really high and fast and if somehow by keeping yourself focused and calm you can harmonize your inner self with the spring equinox’s frequency.


Like many times in life when you have to deal with a lot of things at once, do things so different from each other, at the same time. All this creates stress and commotion. During the spring equinox, you will feel this confusion even more, because of the change in frequency, the power that is working above us is playing it at a faster pace during spring equinox.

Lets, take an example from our lives. You are working on your laptop, using the internet, earlier in the day you had a fight with your partner. Now, you are irritated, not focused, every single problem is making you so angry that your productivity is suffering a lag.

Furthermore, Spring equinox is a great opportunity to stop such things from happening in the future, take it as a test from the higher being, again like before taking responsibility for your actions, spring equinox vibrations are giving you a signal to work for betterment, feel it in your head.

You can channelize your focus on one thing at a time, this will take some efforts. But, if you are able to do so, this spring equinox will provide you with enough power to carry on smoothly with your life.

Spring Equinox is like that final exam at the end of the semester, which is going to send you to a level higher. So, keep calm, be focused, harmonize with the higher power, and the spring equinox vibrations, and it will make your life better and you will enjoy, and live a joyful life

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