Tea Bags: The Best Way to Re-use Tea Bags

Tea Bags: The Best Way to Re-use Tea Bags

Once used, tea bags become useless and it is thrown away. But the tea bags are of great use. Today we tell you, how to re-use used tea bags?

Air Freshener

Tea bags can also be used as an air freshener. Dry them in the sun and then add some drops of any favorite Smelling oil to it. You can put an air freshener in a bottle and spray it in the room, bathroom.

Dirty Utensils

Put hot water in dirty utensils and put these tea bags in them and leave them for the night. Get up and clean in the morning. The vessels will be cleaned well.


Tea bags are completely organic. You can also use tea bags as fertilizer. Plants planted in your pots using tea bags will never be defective.

Fridge Stinks

If your fridge stinks, then using tea bags can be beneficial for you. For this, keep the used tea bags in the refrigerator.


You can clean the glass in the house with the help of the used tea bags. This will make your home windows look new.


Leave used tea bags in areas where mice like to come. Mice will not like the smell of tea bags and will stop coming around.

Mouth Ulcers

If there is a problem of ulcers in the mouth, keep the tea bag in the fridge for cooling. By doing this, you will get rid of mouth ulcers.


Keep the tea bags in the warm hot water for a while. Now let it cool down. You can prepare this mouthwash at any time and it is chemical free, hence also safe. Tea bags can also be used as a natural mouthwash.

Smell Of Shoes

You can also keep tea bags in shoes. This also removes the smell coming from the shoe.


If you have sunburned from the sun, then rubbing used tea bags in your burnt part. It will feel cool in your burnt part.

Wooden Floor And Furniture

Put tea bags in light hot water and leave it. Now let’s dip one of the clothes and leave them. Clean the wooden floor and furniture of the house with this cloth.

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