THE LION KING official trailer #2: Better than the original?

THE LION KING official trailer #2: Better than the original?

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THE LION KING Releasing on 19th July 2019

The Lion King is one of the best films in this world, it has been a fan favorite for decades.

The Lion King is a Disney flick still fresh in the audience’s mind, after so many years. The Lion King is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Tragic play HAMLET.

The studio has recently dropped the second trailer for the film. And by the looks of it, The Lion King seems like a great product. Besides all the factors involved, we do not want The Lion King to see the same fate as Disney’s Dumbo 2019.

In this new trailer, we see a few more scenes from the original flick, being remade in the form of a live action film.

In the new trailer of The Lion King, we see Simba following the footsteps of his father, and it is such a pleasure to watch the recreation of the iconic scene where the little Simba’s tiny paw falls on his father’s footprint. The expressions are well done, as per the trailer suggests.

Another interesting thing about The Lion King trailer is that, we get to see one of the most fun characters from Disney, coming to life, yes I am talking about Timon and Pumba. This wild boar has been an all-time favorite of Disney lovers. The new trailer ends with Timon riding on Pumba’s back.

The Lion King trailer is taking the audience’s expectations really high, in terms of visual effects, and the realistic scenes, to add on, the trailer suggests a big success. A big kudos to the whole studio on that.

Furthermore, the trailer also suggests that not much of the story is changed for the new viewers, as the last trailer shows almost exactly what was shown in the original Lion King’s trailer.

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But, much to the gratification of actual fans, it is a good step from Disney to not change the plot in a major way, otherwise, it will upset the original audience, and there will be a high chance of new kids disliking the film.

The stakes are really high for The Lion King, and we wish that the new film just makes us love the story even more, with such visual effects and effective storytelling, The Lion King (2019) can create history.

Recreating the scenes is still easy in comparison to narrating the whole film in the best way possible, and our fingers are crossed, let us wait for the film to release on the 19th of July. And we do not want The Lion King to fail in this respect.

Here is the trailer of The Lion King:-

Hail The Lion King.

Come back for the movie review of The Lion King, on 19th July 2019.

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