The Sky is Pink First Look: World premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival

The Sky is Pink First Look: World premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival

The Sky Is Pink First Look, The Sky Is Pink Trailer, The Sky Is Pink Release Date

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas is enjoying vacations in miami these days. From there, some of his photographs were viral. Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been away from Bollywood for a long time.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas was last seen in 2016 in Jai Gangaajal. Now Priyanka Chopra Jonas are going to be seen again in Hindi film. Priyanka Chopra Jonas film The Sky is Pink has been in the discussion for a long time. Recently the first look of The Sky Is Pink’s first look gets unveiled. The Sky Is Pink movie will be released on October 11.

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A quarter century ago I became a mother for the first time in my life. Today is that radiant child’s 25th birthday and I’m in the middle of celebrations feeling blessed and joyous. He gifted me a pair of pink pants (a complete sign for The Sky is Pink) – the story is too convoluted to put down but he totally gifted me them. Last year on his birthday I woke up to a text that Priyanka had read my script and could I fly to New York. I knew right then that this was from Ishan and he was blessing the film. And it would be a magical journey and it was. All year I felt him so strongly. Through joy and sorrow – holding me like a rose in the palm of his hand. His wise brother told me at breakfast today as I chomped down a grilled cheese sandwich and hash browns in IHOP (I break my diet on his birthday and Deathday) that my relationship with him was so strong it defeated death and went beyond it. I have indeed felt it grow and deepen year by year. While shooting the Deathday scene in The Sky is Pink – I felt only light and joy and could hold all my actors and crew in my arms with strength as they were struggling. Pri used some of my stories of Ishan to draw from for her performance. Once she turned to me before a take and asked if she could call Ishan (the character in the movie) – Ishlu – my name for my son. I was so moved. And so it was lovely to celebrate with her in the middle of the birthday today. She insisted on opening champagne and would not allow me to have green tea! And we toasted him up in the sky on this lovely sunny day. More celebrations ahead with my besties Gee and Kittu and Viv and me gorging more junk at California a Pizza Kitchen (I ordered from there for Ishan’s last birthday meal – his 16th – while we were shooting Chittagong. He was so thrilled and psyched that I could do that all the way from Lataguri, Bengal.)

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This photo of The Sky Is Pink have been shared by Shonali Bose on their Instagram. The lead stars of the The Sky Is Pink film are Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Zaira Wasim, Farhan Akhtar and Rohit Saraf. This photo are taken from the back look, so no one’s faces are seen in it. However, by looking at the photo you can easily guess. The whole family is standing on a beach and the open skies and seashore on the front are visible. In the picture, Farhan Akhtar in white shirt, Priyanka Chopra Jonas in black dress, Zaira Wasim in White Top-Blue skirt and Rohit Sharaf is standing in shorts. The Sky Is Pink film first look is also very liked by the fans.

Let’s tell you that The Sky Is Pink will be the world premiere at the forthcoming Toronto International Film Festival 2019 (TIFF). It was announced on Tuesday.

The Sky Is Pink film is based on the life of the motion picture speaker Aisha Chaudhary, who had a disease called pulmonary fibrosis. The Sky Is Pink film is based on the life of Aisha Chaudhary. Aisha Chaudhary left the world at the age of 18 due to this disease. In The Sky Is Pink film, Zaira Wasim will be seen in the role of Aisha Chaudhary and Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar will become her parents.

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Let me tell you that Zaira Wasim started her film career from the film Dangal  of Aamir Khan. Zaira Wasim’s acting in this film was highly appreciated. After this Zaira Wasim appeared in the Secret Superstar. However, Zaira Wasim has said goodbye to Bollywood after The Sky Is Pink and it is going to be Zaira Wasim’s last film.

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