Tips for peaceful sleep

Tips for peaceful sleep

Tips for peaceful sleep

The problem of not having an overnight sleep is called Insomnia. Sometimes due to mental tension or anxiety, you do not sleep the whole night, while you keep changing the bed constantly. Apart from this, the problem of some people is that they do not sleep early in the night, but sleep at 2-3 o’clock in the night. Due to low sleep or irregular sleep, many types of problems start, including dark circles under the eyes, obesity, etc. If you are also troubled by the problem of not sleeping overnight, then try these prescriptions and sleep well for the rest of the night.


Almond is also a very good source of magnesium. It stimulates sleep and reduces muscle tension and stress. This makes it easy to sleep for peace.

Mustard Oil

Before sleeping on the night, massage of mustard oil also brings good sleep and the mind is cool.

Listening songs or reading books

Good sleep comes from listening to songs or reading books before sleeping at night

Dinner should be light and less oil

We can have heavy meals at breakfast and in the afternoon, but for good sleep, dinner should be light and non-oiled.

Tea Cold drink Or Cofee

Before sleeping taking tea, coffee or cold drink at night puts adverse effects on sleep.

Wash your hands, face, and feet

Before sleeping at night, wash your hands, face, and feet with water well. Sleeping better than doing this.


If you are used to drinking a glass of hot milk before sleeping at night, then add a pinch nutmeg in it too. Trimyristin , found in nutmeg, is a good source of good sleep, it is helpful to relax your tired muscles and nerves and give a calm feeling.

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