Wangala Festival 2019: Know here why this festival is celebrated?

Wangala Festival 2019: Know here why this festival is celebrated?

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Meghalaya, the state of North East India, which was separated from Assam in 1972, is world-famous for its beautiful plains, cultures and folk arts. Inhabited by various tribes, Meghalaya is surrounded by Assam in the north and Bangladesh in the south. About half of the land is covered by forest, due to which the state is known for many different types of forest mammals, birds, plants and biodiversity.

Apart from all this, there is interesting and fun in Meghalaya, festivals and dances of tribes here. Dressed in colorful costumes, the scene of watching their folk dance is different. To be happy in every little thing, its various festivals make the culture here different.

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This time the Wangala festival will be celebrated on 8 November 2019. Wangala festival is a celebration of harvesting in the month of November by the Garo community who settled in Meghalaya state in the northeast of India and some areas of northern Bangladesh. In the Garo language, ‘Wangala’ means ‘Sou Dhol’ and this Wangala festival honors the sun god named ‘Saljong’ of traditional Garo faiths who are also considered as the deity of the crop.

The most prominent festival of Garo tribes, residents of Asanang village in Meghalaya, is celebrated for two days in the second week of November. This Wangala festival is also called the festival of 100 drummers. On this Wangala festival, the people of the tribe dedicate the first part of the rice to their deities and offer thanks for the good harvest.

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